Kayla Arjae

Kayla Arjae was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside her twin brother, Kyle, on June 23, 1999. She lived in Jacksonville, Florida, where she discovered her home is on the stage. Kayla is now a full-time resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Kayla’s theatrical career started with bizarre roles, usually being cast as comedic characters. Kayla has done over a dozen plays, spanning between Shakespeare to premiere shows such as Old Love. In college, Kayla advanced her improv skills, hosting and performing in The University of North Florida’s first improv show. Kayla is growing her film credits, having acted in multiple student films and the feature-length film, A Day in the Life. Kayla is currently on a house short-form improv team at RoleCall Theater in Downtown Atlanta. She is honored to be on this roller coaster that is being Rayvn Swann in the feature film Help Wanted. Kayla has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and plans to be a storyteller for the rest of her life.