The Movie

Help Wanted to the movie. 

Tagline: If those bullets won't kill you this cooking will.

What is Help Wanted..

So let's say you had a small pot and in that small pot you threw in a possible dead body, sprinkled in multiple Gangsta’s, added chunks of diamonds, slathered it with a pure Bloody dark comedy, and then wrapped it all together in an small intimate setting and you'd have Help Wanted..

Help Wanted is a fun twisted tale of an unfortunate circumstance; Three freshly fired restaurant employees concoct a plan to commandeer a small fortune in stolen diamonds. Diamonds that were previously stolen from the biggest crime boss in the neighborhood by none other than the neighborhood baker who just happens to moonlight as a thief.

The plan was simple, after the baker steals the diamonds, wait for him to go on his usual early morning grocery run, climb in through his window, steal the diamonds and be gone before anybody knew they were there.. Easy peezy lemon squeezy if you overlook a few fine details. Like for one, the Baker was actually there when they broke in and two, they may have accidentally beat him to death.

Obviously adding a dead body to the menu makes things a little difficult since now they have to find a way to dispose of the body, remove all traces that were there and of course find the hidden diamonds. All while entertaining an assassin, dodging the police and pretending to be bakers themselves. Easy enough right? Help wanted.