Help Wanted (the movie) Help Wanted (the movie)
Chiken Green

Chiken Green

Chiken Green

Hails out of Los Angeles California. The oldest of 3 got lost one day looking for a beach and California and ended up in Atlanta, Ga sometime back in the summer 95

A 70’s kid

Film school: AMC and Regal University – Netflix theater Academy. – Can’t forget Barnes and Nobles Tech and Borders community college.

Favorite food: Cereal with Ice milk

Favorite Teams: Boston Celtics and the Pittsburgh Steelers

Most original thing about me: I wear an article of green every single day of the week.

Most unoriginal thing: I love everything film

Founded 3 Green People Productions in 6/18/06

Directing Influences

Late nights with a tall cup of Kool-Aid with extra Sugar.. Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Matthew Vaughn, Clint Eastwood, F Gary Gray, Ron Howard, Kurt Wimmer, George Miller.

Dream actors to work with – Everybody (or at least to many to name)

Favorite movies: Equilibrium, Requiem for a dream, Lord of the Rings, Arlington Road. 500 days of Summer, The Others, Django, Million dollar baby, Pitch Perfect, The Devil wears Prada, Scarface, True Romance, Dusk til Dawn, Love and Basketball, 300, Ready player 1 etc, etc, etc

Favorite movie line: “You are as advertised,” Town Councilman Brimsley’s walk.